How to Choose the Right Custom Plastic Bag

Polyethylene, cellophane, and polypropylene plastic bags and packaging are used in a variety of applications. Understanding the differences between the types of materials can help you decide the right plastic for your particular needs.

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Custom Poly Bags

Thanks to its low cost and good flexibility, polyethylene is used for various industry applications. Polyethylene has high-impact strength and good clarity. It’s user-friendly for hand or machine loading and is our most popular made film for plain and printed bags.

Polyethylene Characteristics

  • Tear-resistant – Ideal for heavy-duty packaging applications
  • Flexible – Very strong and won’t stretch out
  • Folds easily
  • Endures extreme temperatures
  • Low static charge
  • Strong vapor resistant quality

Because of its flexibility, we can add many different features to the bags including:

  • Ziplock
  • Adhesive Strip – permanent or resealable
  • Wickets
  • Header with or without hang holes
  • Tamper-proof
  • Micro-perforation
  • Handle Punch
  • Patch Handle
  • Reinforced Handle
  • Vent holes

Metal Grommets

Zip Lock




Tamper Evident



Micro Perforation

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Cello Bags

Cellophane (cello) is made from organic cellulose (wood or plant fibers). It is environmentally friendly because it can fully breakdown in a landfill. Cellophane is FDA approved and known for extending the shelf-life of products.

Cellophane Characteristics

  • Moisture, gas, and aroma barrier protection – Ideal for products that need to breathe
  • Low permeability to air, bacteria, and water – Useful for food packaging
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • Translucent – Great clarity of the product inside
  • Crackly to the touch
  • Bio-degradable

It is commonly used for food and other products that breath such as:

  • Candies
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Popcorn
  • Produce
  • Potpourri
  • Incense

Polypropylene Plastic Bags

Polypropylene bags provide a highly protective barrier against moisture and vapors. They delay evaporation and dehydration to preserve freshness and taste. These high clarity, crystal-clear bags enhance the product’s image.

Polypropylene Characteristics

  • Excellent for food products
  • Moisture and odor barriers – it prevents evaporation or exposure to bacteria, preserving the products shelf life
  • Crystal clear material – Protective barrier without compromising complete visibility of the product or contents
  • Tear-resistant – Stronger and stiffer than other materials
  • Heat-resistant
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Custom Printed Plastic Packaging

Our three running presses provide quality designs to help move your product off the shelves quickly. We have 8-color print capability and quick turnaround times to meet your production needs. Want samples? Just ask and we’ll be happy to send you some.

Custom Plastic Bags St. Louis

You can build your own plastic packaging with Checker Bag! We serve a number of industries and offer a variety of options to choose from when creating your customized plastic bag. Call 314-423-3131 or contact us to learn more!