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Custom Ice Bags

At Checker Bag we manufacture high-quality custom printed plastic ice bags that meet your specific requirements and deliver outstanding customer service.

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Custom Printed Plastic Ice Bags & Packaging

Checker Bag can accommodate you with high-quality plastic ice bags that work for you.

  • All plastic ice bags meet FDA and USDA requirements for food contact.
  • Custom printed orders handled starting at 10,000 bags, with price breaks available at higher quantities (10,000 minimum).
  • Quick turnaround for custom orders.
  • We manufacture bags for your specific ice machine, including Ice House America™, Polarmatic™, Just Ice™, and many others.

Checker Bag produces custom ice bags to meet your size and design requirements. Whether your operation requires 8 lb., 16 lb., 20 lb., or even 50 lb. ice bags, Checker Bag will provide you a superior bag for your business. Call or contact us today for your ice bag needs!

Stock Ice Bag Designs to Make Your Own

If you don’t have a custom design or want to go with a more traditional option, Checker Bag can take care of you with one of our stock ice bag designs featuring your business information. We can easily add your required information to our stock ice bag designs to produce high-quality, heavy-duty ice bags that look their best and meet FDA and State requirements. 

Contact us to customize your bag now!Contact us to customize your bag now!
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FDA-Compliant Ice Bags

The FDA and most State Health departments require proper labeling of packaged ice. To be compliant with FDA regulations, your ice bags must include the following information presented in specific ways and must appear in precise locations on the package that is readily viewable to a purchaser when the package is stacked in a retail freezer. 

What is a Statement of Identity?

This is the name of the packaged food and it also addresses the section of the law and FDA policy that indicates that the consumer must be able to make accurate product comparisons and selection decisions. For example, if your ice is made with drinking water or filtered water, the name of the Statement of Identity is “Ice,” or if your ice is made with 100%  purified water, the name of the Statement of Identity is “Purified Ice.” 

The Statement of Identity may be expanded to use a food name that accurately describes the ingredient process or ingredient addition and cannot be misleading. The process by which it was purified must meet code definitions and be explained directly next to the name of the food in a “Made with…” statement.

Net Weight

This figure must show the net contents in both U.S. Customary System terms (pounds and ounces) and metric terms (grams and kilograms) in either order. Exclude the weight of all packaging in determining net weight.

Only the following abbreviations must be used:

  • Weight (wt)
  • Ounce (oz)
  • Pound (lb)
  • Gram (g)
  • Kilogram (kg)

(Periods and plural forms are optional.)

Manufacturer, Packer, and Distributor Information

This includes the business name and address of the ice manufacturer, packer, or distributor.

Plastic Ice Bags Supplier

Checker Bag is your go-to for high-quality ice bags and exceptional customer service, contact us today!

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