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Customized Wholesale Poly Bags

Plastic bags are used for countless applications in various industries and can be essential to a business’ operations and the products they offer. Checker Bag manufactures high-quality wholesale custom plastic bags to fit your particular needs. Our wholesale poly bags fit multiple needs such as — food storage and protection, hats/apparel, advertising/name recognition, chemicals, industrial products, and much more.

Plastic bags unlock substantial marketing potential for businesses seeking to increase consumer awareness. Buying wholesale offers a range of benefits, but the biggest benefit for businesses is the money saved. Purchasing 100% recycled plastic bags in bulk will save you money and provide more product recognition.

Our wholesale plastic bags:

  • Are available in many different sizes, thicknesses & styles
  • Are used in all industries & applications
  • Have endless custom capabilities
  • Are high-quality & priced low
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Checker Bag is your one-stop-shop for all types of high-quality wholesale poly bags, contact us today!

(800) 489-3130
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10655 Midwest Industrial Blvd.
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