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Customized Plastic & Poly Bags

At Checker Bag we serve a very wide variety of businesses, from consumer-facing retail packaging all the way to bags used in heavy industry. If you need plastic bags in large quantities for virtually any application, Checker Bag can help! Keep in mind that in addition to our standard size and weight bags that we produce every day, we can also custom manufacture plastic bags to your exact specifications—simply contact us for details.

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baked goods

Baked Goods

Our bakery bags are used by industrial bakeries as well as smaller local shops. We manufacture plastic bags which are specifically designed to keep bread and baked goods fresh all the way from your ovens to your customers’ pantries.


Ice Bags

Checker Bag has been manufacturing ice bags for years. We can manufacture standard size bags for common product weights as well as custom sizes for traditional retail sale and automatic vending. We also take care of printing custom text, images, and logos on each bag.

general industrial

Industrial Bags

Poly bags are used in countless industrial applications, so we make sure they are manufactured exactly to our customers’ specifications. We can produce bags of virtually any size and weight/thickness in a number of different plastic materials.


Advertising & Promotional

If you have ever been to a corporate trade show, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or held one of our advertising and promotional bags! These bags are custom printed and perfect for holding small promotional materials.


Produce Bags

Checker Bag is a leading producer of produce bags used by customers in supermarkets across the United States. We can print produce bags to your specifications, or you can utilize one of our standard styles.


Chemical Bags

Poly bags used for handling and storing chemicals are faced with a very specific set of challenges. Our team will work with yours to make sure that we provide bags with just the right properties for safely interacting with chemicals.


Candy Bags

Everyone loves candy, and candy makers love our bags! We supply confectioners large and small with the bags they need to attractively hold their finished sweets while keeping them fresh for as long as possible.

food processing

Food Processing

We manufacture bags for use in all stages of food production, from processing to packaging. Our team will work with you to develop the plastic bag with the perfect properties for the needs of each of your food products.


Custom retail Bags

Plastic bags are used extensively in almost every major retail setting. No matter your need or desire, Checker Bag will help you develop, manufacture, and custom print the perfect bags for your retail goods.


Popcorn Bags

Everyone loves popcorn! Every year, Checker Bag manufactures hundreds of thousands of plastic bags for popcorn and kettle corn for producers all over the country.