Custom Plastic Bags

As a U.S. manufacturer since 1875, Checker Bag makes custom plain and printed bags in any size to fit your needs. If you need polyethylene, polypropylene or cellophane bags, call us today. We’ve been your friendly, accessible packaging supplier for 145 years!

We manufacture and supply top-quality, FDA-compliant customizable plastic bags at wholesale prices. Learn more about our products below!

Custom Printed Bags

custom printed bread and bakery bags

Custom printed bags are commonly used for retail food packaging, product packaging, promotions, trade shows, and any other business use!

Custom printing your logo or design work with Checker Bag is a viable option for businesses in any industry because it enables your products to stand out. When you increase your brand recognition, it makes an impact on the consumer, creating life-long customers.

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Cellophane & Polypropylene Bags

printed ice bags

Cellophane and polypropylene clear plastic bags are most commonly used for packaging food since they are made from strong materials and allows clarity of the products inside.

Cellophane is easy to manipulate and is great for products that need to breath, such as produce or potpourri, since the material has high permeability to moisture. Vapor permeability (or breathability) is a material’s ability to allow water “vapor” to pass. Preventing moisture from building up will keep the product fresher longer.

Polypropylene is used in the food industry as well because of its ability to prevent evaporation or exposure to bacteria. It is also used for storage and other product packaging such as for gift baskets because the material is crystal clear, allowing the consumer to see the product but still giving it the protection it needs with the hard-to-tear material.

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Custom Poly Bags

custom printed candy bags

There are countless applications for polyethylene (poly) bags — that’s why it is our most popular material for plastic bags. It is ideal for product packaging because it is flexible, yet heavy-duty, giving you the best of both worlds!

You can customize these bags with various different features to fit your specific needs, including: wickets, an adhesive strip, and resealable, just to name a few!

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