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Custom Bread & Bakery Bags

Custom Bakery Bags for bread and other baked goods

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Customize Your Bread and Bakery Bags

Everyone loves delicious, fresh baked goods. Your loyal customers enjoy the daily wide selection you provide. Since 1875, our custom bread and bakery bags have showcased loaves of bread, buns, rolls, bagels, cookies, and many other items. We customize plastic bread bags to fit your needs for product freshness, shelf life, and easy packing. Features of our bread and bakery bags include:

  • High-Quality & Durability
  • Custom Logo & Design
  • Various Thicknesses & Sizes

We move your products quickly with our exemplary service and exceptional print. Call today or contact us for free samples. You’ll see why many food service companies, grocery stores, tradeshow vendors, and commercial and home bakeries rely on Checker Bag for quality packaging.

Custom Bread Bags Provide Protection and Brand Awareness

The clear and expertly printed bakery bags allow customers to enjoy your unique product visually and can be heat-sealed, tied, taped, or stapled shut. Our super clear polypropylene and polyethylene bags are perfect for specialty items like cookies, scones, pastries, brownies, and other irresistible sweet treats!

We make consumer-friendly bags in all sizes for single servings or large quantities. Plus, polypropylene’s oxygen barriers help seal freshness, flavor, and aroma, even after being repeatedly opened and resealed.

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Custom Plastic Bakery Bags

If you want a specific design printed, we can help bring your vision to life. Our state-of-the-art printing presses provide high-quality process print or spot color designs for any bakery application. Custom packaging lets you stand out from the competition and remain top of mind. Our line of products includes:

Process printing is beneficial when you want a high-resolution, realistic photo to entice hungry eyes. A picture of an old-fashioned farmhouse or grain blowing in the wind helps your bread product stand out. Two-color print is sufficient for high-quality logos that help build awareness of your brand. Whatever option you choose, our custom bag manufacturing company has the expertise to do the job! Learn more about our custom-printed plastic bags!

Expert Customer Service and Customized Bakery Bags

Our custom bread and bakery bags are available in almost any size or thickness and always meet the FDA and USDA requirements for food contact. We follow optimal manufacturing processes in everything we do. 

As a small business ourselves, we can give you the attention you deserve. Every detail is essential, from twist ties to printing, we work with you to help create a custom bakery bag that practically flies off the shelves. Request a quote today to get started.

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