Polypropylene Food Bags

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Does your business rely on packaging that won’t allow moisture to stale your product?  Checker Bag has just the solution for you!  Whether you make chips, pasta, or the any number of food products, we produce bags with oxygen and moisture barriers to keep your product fresh!




Ice Bags in Winter

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If you thought ice bags were only needed in the summer, check out this newly converted bag.  We make ice bags all year long.  Do you want to get a leg up on the competition before the beginning of the season?  Our turnaround time for ice bags is very short right now.  Call us today for a quote!



Food Product Bags

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Checker Bag makes food bags for all of your needs! We can print your logo and your nutrition facts directly on the bag. Don’t go through the hassle of purchasing a separate label and needing to apply it to every bag. Call us today for a quote!

Food Bags


From Our Plant Today

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Posted November 7, 2012 12:10 PM

The images below are some samples that were taken from our plant today. The first image shows a printed resealable zipper bag. The second is a promotional bag. Stay tuned for future posts that further show our capabilities.

One color printed promotional

The Holidays Are Approaching

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Do you have a holiday product you are looking to sell, but can’t find the perfect packaging for it? Checker Bag has the solution for you. We can print and convert bags to fit the size you need for your product. We can also make bags for any holiday promotion or advertising you may be having. Call us today for a quote!

Holiday Penguins

St. Nick's