Custom Popcorn Bags

Custom printed popcorn bags for kettle corn and other snacks

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Plastic Popcorn & Kettle Corn Bags

What’s your favorite popcorn? Regular, Caramel, Cheese, Rainbow, Kettle Corn? Whatever the flavor, Checker Bag can make your bag “pop.” Send us the design you want printed or your pre-existing bag. Our bags will keep your popcorn flavors fresh to satisfy your customers. Ask us for bag samples and we’ll be glad to send you some. We custom make plain and printed popcorn bags for customers from coast to coast. Contact us today for a personalized quote or to learn more.

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Get Your Bulk Popcorn Bags

We set the highest standards for ourselves and our customers know it. From our manufacturing processes to our customer service, you can count on us! Checker Bag is your go-to plastic bag supplier for high-quality popcorn bags and exceptional customer service, contact our team of experts today!

(800) 489-3130
(314) 423-3131
10655 Midwest Industrial Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132
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