Custom Popcorn Bags

Custom Printed Popcorn Bags for Kettle Corn and Other Snacks

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Custom Printed Popcorn & Kettle Corn Bags

Everyone loves popcorn! Every year, Checker Bag manufactures hundreds of thousands of plastic bags for popcorn and kettle corn for producers all over the country. We can make plastic bags in just about any size and gauge from polypropylene, cellophane, or polyurethane film, starting at orders of 10,000 bags. We also specialize in color custom printing with your logo and any personalized text, starting at orders at 25,000 bags.

Our bags are the perfect way to attractively display your popcorn while keeping it fresh. Contact us today for a personalized quote or to learn more.

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(800) 489-3130
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10655 Midwest Industrial Blvd.
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