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Checker Bag’s Journey, Est. 1875

We at Checker Bag are proud to be in business since 1875. For the last century and a half, the name Checker Bag has been synonymous with quality, customer service and on time deliveries.

In 1875, the Company was founded as the Ghio and Gandolfo Self-Rising Flour Company. Soon after starting the business, they expanded into cereals and pastas to continue their successful business.

In 1934, the Freund family purchased the food company and soon after changed the name to Checker Food Products. They continued making cereals and eventually, changed the packaging from waxed boxes to cellophane bags. This change made it easier for transporting and keeping food fresher.

Checker recognized the increasing demand in the packaging industry. Other companies began asking for custom bags, which posed a great opportunity for Checker. In 1958, Checker sold the cereal business and concentrated on manufacturing flexible packaging. From there, the demand only grew and they soon began acquiring high-speed machinery.

The Checker Bag Company moved to a larger facility in St. Louis County in 1967, and still remains there today.

In 1989, Checker Bag began to print in-house, becoming the full-service plastic bag manufacturing company operating nationally and internationally. Today, we operate an 8-color printing press used for spot and process print, making custom orders and photo-realistic labeling easier than ever. Checker Bag currently has the capability to print for a variety of industries!

Overall, our business has grown from its simple beginnings as a self-rising flour company to the well regarded custom plastic bag manufacturer you see today. With it, our basic principles of quality and customer service have survived all of these generations and we stand by these standards in every aspect of our business.

It is our pledge to continue this tradition for another 140 years.

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checker bag company history
checker bag company history