Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Checker Bag been in business?

Since Ulysses S. Grant was president – 1875.

What types of bags does Checker Bag make?

We are a manufacturer of Polyethylene, polypropylene and cellophane bags.

Do you make custom printed bags?

Yes, we can custom print up to 8 colors and process print.

What is the normal turnaround time for an order of bags?

Approximately 1-2 weeks for plain bags and 2-3 weeks for custom printed bags.

What are the minimum quantities to purchase?

Minimum quantities depend on size and other factors. Generally, we require a minimum of 5,000 for plain bags and 10,000 for custom printed bags.

What types of industries do you serve?

All kinds – ice, bakery, produce, candy, popcorn, food, retail, advertising, chemical, industrial, wholesale, distribution and many more.

Can you produce specialty bags?

Yes, we manufacture zip-lock, metal grommet, adhesive tape lip, handle-punch and other specialty bag types.

Can you print designs from computer files?

Yes, we can work with vector images or other hi-resolution files to create the exact print you want for your custom bag prints.

What separates Checker Bag from other bag manufacturers?

Being a small company, we are very accessible to all of our customers and pride ourselves on personable service. We turn orders around quickly with quality print and conversion capability. This is why we’ve been around since 1875.

Do you provide samples before the final product is made?

Yes, we can provide a bag sample and also a full-size color proof for printed bags. We make sure you know exactly what you’ll get before we begin.

General Plastic Bag Manufacturing FAQs

What is a “gusseted bag”?

A “gusset” is a feature we can add to your custom bags in order for them to lay flat and open into a 3 dimensional “box” shape. Think of something like an accordion file with folds that expand. A very common poly bag that utilizes gussets are bakery bags designed for loafs of bread.

Can you add gussets to a bag?
Yes, we make bags with side and bottom gussets all the time. For example, we manufacture custom candy and bread and bakery bags with gussets for many of our clients.

What are “wicketed bags”?

Wicketed bags are bags that usually hang from a piece of wire or plastic in order to keep them organized and/or clean.

Can you make wicketed bags?

Yes we can. Wicketed bags are among our most popular orders.

What kind of handles can you make on a bag?

We produce bags with several different kinds of handles. Di-cut handles and patch handles are our specialty.

Can you add pull strings/pull ties to a bag?

No, we do not make bags with pull strings.

Do you make pouches or stand-up bags?

No, we do not make pouches.

Can you replicate a bag I already have?

Absolutely! We do it all the time. Simply request a quote and we will get back to you shortly.

Custom Printing FAQs

Can you make me a logo?

Yes we can. It is preferable that you already have a logo, but in some circumstances we have been known to work with our graphic artists to compose a logo for some of our clients; this is with an additional charge.

What kind of image file do you need?

Vector images or PDF files are the perfect format for graphics.

Can you replicate my logo if don’t have a vector file?

Yes, we can reproduce your logo based on items like business cards, bags, magnets etc… Just send them in!

Can you print photo-realistic images on a bag?

We use high resolutions photos to print photo-realistic images on bags all the time. In fact, we have many clients in the produce and food industries that request high definition custom printed bags.

How small or large can you make the images on my bags?

We can make an image cover just about the entire face of the bag, within an inch of the perimeter.

Is there a limit to the number of colors?

While we are limited to 8 colors, we have found this to be more than enough for most commercial, retail, and industrial custom bags.

Can the bag itself be a color?

Yes, we can manufacture the bags themselves in many different colors. Just ask!

What colors will you not print on a bag?

We can print just about any color on a bag. While some colors do work out a little better than others, we would be happy to help you find the perfect color combination.

Choosing Materials FAQs

What is the maximum thickness for a bag that you can manufacture?

We can manufacture bags anywhere from 1mil custom candy bags to about 10 mil industrial bags.

How much weight can a bag hold?

That depends on a lot of factors, but we routinely make heavy duty industrial plastic bags that hold over 50 lbs.

Do you have environmentally friendly bags?

Yes, we have environmentally friendly and recyclable options.

Do you have recyclable plastics as an option?

Yes, we have recyclable options.

How do I know if my bag is chemical safe?

Requesting samples and testing to see if a bag is chemical safe is the only true way to fully know if the product will meet your needs. With that said, we are happy to provide you with help based on our many years of experience producing bags used for industrial applications.

Ordering + Shipping FAQs

What will get my estimate lower?
Choosing a larger order quantity, cutting the thickness, using less colors, or choosing a different film are the four main ways to reduce the cost of a an order. As always, we will help to create the bag that you need for the price you want it for.

What are your bags usually packaged in?

Your wholesale bags will be packaged in cardboard boxes for safe keeping.

Can I set up automatic orders for my bags?

Yes, we can set you up on a regular schedule to receive orders of your supply just as you need them.

Do you include shipping?

Yes, we can include shipping on all domestic and international custom bag orders.