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Customized Plastic Bags for Candy & Sweets

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Custom Candy Bags & Packaging Solutions

Checker Bag has been manufacturing candy bags for years. We specialize in creating custom packaging for any of your confectionery needs. Whether you need a bulk candy bag or packaging for chocolates, cotton candy, or any other confectionery item, Checker Bag’s custom candy bags will help your product stand out. 

We can even print your product logo or nutrition facts on the bag. When it comes to custom candy bags, Checker Bag can manufacture what you need. Call or contact us today!

Contact us to customize your bag now!Contact us to customize your bag now!

Features of our customized candy bags include:

  • Easy-fill wide opening
  • Clear to see appetizing candy
  • Customizable full-color design/logo
  • Keeps candy protected and fresh
  • Different thicknesses are available
  • Different sizes are available

Looking to Boost Candy Sales? Choose Our Custom Printed Candy Bags!

Elevate your personalized candy bags with cost-effective, logo-printed bags. At Checker Bag, we offer a versatile range of candy packaging options in various styles and finishes, all ready for your company’s branding.

In a saturated candy market, where sweet treats are all the rage, making your product stand out on store shelves is crucial. Customers often judge with their eyes, so the more visually appealing your product appears, the more likely it is to attract purchases.

While we typically think of candy as having a reasonably long shelf life, it needs correct packaging to retain its flavor and freshness. Moreover, depending on serving size, customers may only consume part of the product in one go. Utilizing high-barrier materials can extend the shelf life of your candy. In addition, incorporating a resealable zipper in your custom-printed candy packaging ensures it remains fresh beyond just a few weeks.

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Advantages of Checker Bag Custom Packaging

Enhance your personalized products by opting for affordable, logo-adorned candy bags. Checker Bag offers a diverse selection of candy packaging options in various styles and finishes, all of which can be tailored to showcase your company’s unique artwork.

In a bustling candy market, where sweet treats are highly sought after, ensuring your product grabs attention on retail shelves is imperative. Most customers are visually driven, and the more appealing your product looks on the shelf, the greater the allure for potential purchases.

Choosing the Right Candy Bag for Your Product

Typically, consumers store candy on pantry shelves. The sugar content of sweets means they usually require less protective packaging. Our custom poly bags can be used for various sweets, including:

Chocolate Candies: Chocolate, made from cocoa beans, is not technically candy, but many people refer to it as such. Various chocolate candy flavors include chocolate mints, dark, milk, chocolate caramel, and more. Create custom candy bags to make your chocolate candies stand out, whether as wedding favors or gift bags.  

Taffy, Caramel, Nougats: It’s best to individually wrap these candies to prevent clumping and allow customers to pick them out. Clear cellophane or printed roll stock is an excellent choice for candy packaging, especially when you want to showcase each delectable flavor. Individual wrapping is critical to presenting these sweet treats effectively.

Checker Bag offers low-cost, flexible polyethylene with high-impact strength and excellent clarity. The materials are user-friendly for hand or machine loading, and every order you place comes with outstanding customer service. Call our custom plastic candy bag experts today!

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