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Customized Plastic Bags for Candy & Sweets

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Custom Printed Candy Bags & Packaging Solutions

Sweet treats will be forever in demand. Make your candy become store “eye candy.” Elevate your packaging with our cost-effective, clear bags and quality print. Our custom fit bag will make your candy shine on the shelves. Whether you’re packaging bulk candy, chocolates, nuts, fudge, peanut brittle, caramels, candy apples, or any confectionary item, call the Checker Bag team to create your custom printed candy bags today!

Contact us to customize your bag now!Contact us to customize your bag now!

Features of Our Customized Candy Bags

Customized candy bags offer a delightful way to package and share your favorite confections. Here’s what makes our custom printed candy bags the perfect choice:

  • Available in different sizes: Find the perfect fit! We offer various sizes to fit your candy and will send free samples to make sure you approve the size. 
  • Easy-fill wide opening: No more wrestling with narrow bag openings! Our bags feature a wide opening that makes filling them with candy a breeze.
  • Clear to see appetizing candy: Show off your delicious treats! The crystal-clear material lets your guests see the vibrant colors and tempting textures of your candy.
  • Customizable full-color design/logo: Make your candy bags unique! Personalize them with your full-color designs, logos, or messages to create a lasting impression.
  • Keeps candy protected and fresh: Our bags protect candy from moisture, dust, and contaminants, keeping it fresh and delicious.
  • Available in different thicknesses: Choose the right level of protection for your candy. We offer a variety of thicknesses, from lightweight bags for delicate treats to sturdier options for heavier candies.

Looking to Boost Candy Sales? Choose Our Custom Printed Candy Bags!

The candy market is fiercely competitive, so capturing consumer attention is vital. Your design, combined with our super clear film and vibrant print, is the winning combination to consumer attention. Candy packaging is essential for shelf life, flavor, and freshness; our high-barrier packaging will put your mind at ease and leave your customers wanting more.

Elevate your personalized candy bags with cost-effective, logo-printed bags with Checker Bag. We offer candy packaging options in various styles and finishes, ready for your company’s branding. Call us, and we’ll be glad to send samples of our quality work.

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Choosing the Right Candy Bag for Your Product

When selecting packaging for candies, it’s important to consider both the type of candy and the packaging material. Polyethylene bags and polypropylene bags are two popular options. Each film is suited to different types of sweets, with the majority opting for polypropylene. We will guide you through this packaging process to make sure you have the right fit.

Checker Bag offers low-cost, flexible polyethylene, cellophane, and polypropylene bags with high-impact strength and excellent clarity. Our materials are easy to load by hand or machine, and every order includes exceptional customer service. Call our custom printed candy bag experts today!

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